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Meet Erica Tobi; a working mother running a successful law firm that was ranked in the Top 100 Law Offices Owned by Women in the State of New York, raising three beautiful daughters, and maintaining some sense of an active social life.


Completely breaking free of the obsolete stigma that a working mother is confined to the home and office, Erica defies the stereotype by facing her obstacles with a positive attitude because she knows her strong work ethic and dedication to a balanced lifestyle will inspire her children. 

Inspired by her own challenges, endless stories to tell, and well - nightmares, Erica created "The Nanny Nightmares", a lifestyle blog and forum for the modern working mother. Read more about The Nanny Nightmares here.

In her free time, Erica loves to write, watch movies, travel, and of course, most importantly – spend time with her family.

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The Nanny Nightmares has been a labor of love and passion for me for the past five years.  Many of us today are working mothers; whether one of us is working from home, while the other is rushing to get to the office on time, being a mother is a never ending, 24/7 job. Even as our kids grow up, we are still their mothers.


In the midst of trying to juggle every aspect of our own lives, between raising and encouraging our children to their fullest potential, succeeding in our careers, maintaining personal relationships with our significant others, and trying to maintain some semblance of a social life, sometimes we need help, sometimes we need answers, and sometimes we really just need support from someone else who gets it, even if we don't always want to admit it.  


The Nanny Nightmares is a community for us, for the moms. It's our safe space to encourage each other, swap our best tips, promote our businesses, and well, vent to someone who understands that feeling. Mom-shaming is so prevalent today that we mom's need to support each other, not hurt one another. None of our lives are perfect like the ones people post on social media.


We all have arguments with our partner/spouse, we all fight with our kids, have a bad day at work, and we all need one another.  Designed as both a marketplace to specifically promote our mom-owned businesses, and as a categorized forum for the expected and sometimes unexpected motherhood instances that present themselves, there is a discussion or section for you, and if there isn't, you can start one!  

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